About Me

Hello! I am a freelance translator and also a chemist. 

I am specialized in medical, technical and scientific translations from English into Turkish. I have +10 years of experience in translation of documents about pharmaceuticals and chemicals.



I have a bachelor's degree in Chemistry. I graduated from Hacettepe University with being awarded as the second most successful student of the Chemistry department. 

I worked for companies in pharmaceutical industry as an International Markets Regulatory Affairs Specialist.

For my translation skills from English into Turkish I received ALTA 12 (ILR 4+) score by an independent test carried our by ALTA Language Services. Inc./USA. A translator having this score has the following qualifications:

ALTA 12 : The candidate is able to produce a clear and virtually error-free translation that reads as though it were written in the target language. The translation is fluid and preserves the nuances of the source text. (see: https://www.altalang.com/language-testing/protocols/) 



I provide free translation services as a volunteer for organizations such as "Translators Without Borders" and "TED". I love translating and it is extremely valuable for me to be able to help people in the area that I am specialized in.

By combining my chemistry knowledge with my translation experience, I am doing my best to deliver error free translations to my clients on time. Therefore, the comments of my clients for my translation service is very important for me. You can see some of those comments at my Home page.

If you need an experienced English into Turkish freelance translator with chemistry background, who can assist you with time-sensitive technical projects, please get in contact with me.